about ash etc.

ash etc. is an inspiring collection of jewelry & accessories handcrafted by alabama artisans ashley caldwell & ashley stewart. 

located in the heart of auburn al, ash etc. was founded to provide unique, quality pieces that stay with you on your journey in life, no matter where your path may lead you. all pieces are crafted by hand with careful attention to detail. materials and stones are artfully selected to ensure quality as well as symbolize the emotion & creativity expressed in the design process.

ashley caldwell was born & raised in birmingham, al & ashley stewart was born & raised outside of chicago, il. while their initial paths may have been different, both attended auburn university where they discovered their friendship and passion for creativity that would lead them down the path to ash etc... their love for auburn cannot be denied and they are happily working and living in the south.

we invite you to join us on our path, follow your own & make your dreams come true.